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Drivers warned as average speed system is extended on ‘high harm’ road

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An extension to an average speed camera system has been installed on a Devon A-road which has experienced thousands of incidents in the past few years.

The 50mph extension average cameras are located on the A380 between the Ware Barton junction and the existing average camera scheme on the South Devon Highway, installed in 2019.

The average speed system has been extended along this route after police saw more than 2,500 incidents reported on the stretch of road since 2019.

Supt Adrian Leisk, strategic lead for roads policing and chair of the Vision Zero South West enforcement sub-group, warned motorists that all the correct signs are now in place at the site and the cameras have now gone live.

Supt Leisk said: “We have seen far too many collisions on this stretch of road, including several that have resulted in serious injuries. This has also led to significant disruption to the road network and caused congestion and misery to local residents and businesses as motorists sought alternative routes. Subsequently, this is also having a negative environmental impact in and around Newton Abbot.

“We know speed is a major contributory factor in serious and fatal collisions – and we also know that average speed cameras are extremely effective in reducing driver speed.

“Please be warned, these cameras are now live so anyone detected travelling over the speed limit throughout this section will be prosecuted from now.”

Supt Leisk added: “You may have noticed a lot in the news about speed cameras in Devon and Cornwall over recent weeks. We are actively increasing our enforcement efforts across the two counties with more speed cameras and newly employed Speed Detection Officers (SDOs).

“This is not about making money or unduly punishing motorists, it is about keeping people safe on our roads. There have been several serious and fatal collisions across Devon and Cornwall over the past few weeks and this tragic loss of life simply has to stop.

“Travelling too fast gives motorists less time to react and dramatically increases the risk of serious or fatal injury, so we will do whatever we have to in order to minimise that risk.”