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South West

The road safety partnership working hard to stop ALL fatal and serious collisions in Devon and Cornwall by 2040

Devon and Cornwall’s resident older driver involvement rate of 173.3 per 100,000 population is 7% lower than the overall GB rate (185.7), but 1% higher than the South West region rate of 171.8.

Exeter has the lowest rate (127.0), compared to Eastern Cornwall with the highest rate of 204.9.

Risk is higher among moderately affluent seniors, such as those in bungalow estates designed for older owners, and those living in Eastern Cornwall.

RoSPA says that although experienced drivers are, in general, safer than those with less experience, as we get older, our health and fitness, often including our eyesight, physical condition and reaction times, begins to decline.

Age related conditions can also begin to affect our driving. Of course, this is different for each person; there isn’t an age at which we automatically become unsafe to drive.

Many drivers recognise that their driving ability is changing and so change when and where they drive (this is often called ‘self-regulation’).

However, there comes a time when each of us need to reduce our driving, or even stop altogether. Taking advice from your doctor, or another health professional, and from family or friends can be very helpful.

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