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More than 20 offences detected in just a few hours as part of Christmas Op Limit

Over 20 offences were detected by roads policing officers in a matter of hours last week as Devon & Cornwall Police cracks down on drink and drug drivers.

Op Limit, which runs throughout December and into the New Year, aims to prevent impaired drivers from using the roads and catch those who decide to flout the law.

Operations are taking place across Devon & Cornwall over the next month, the first of which detected uninsured drivers, illegal mobile phone use, drug possession, a stolen vehicle and a drug driver – in just four hours.

The operation, conducted by officers from the No Excuse team, commercial vehicle team, local roads policing team and the DVSA, took place on the A30 Victoria interchange at Roche.

Among the offences detected were:

  • 2 x uninsured drivers
  • 1 x vehicle with no MOT
  • 1 x stolen vehicle recovered
  • 1 x disqualified driver
  • 2 x mobile phone offences
  • 1 x speeding offence
  • 1 x person driving without due care
  • 1 x seatbelt offence
  • 2 x vehicles over the weight limit
  • 2 x vehicles with insecure loads
  • 1 x vehicle with a load likely to cause danger
  • 2 x people in possession of cannabis
  • 1 x driver under the influence of illegal drugs

Inspector Greg Hodgkiss of Devon & Cornwall Police’s Roads Policing Team said: “The vast majority of drivers in Devon and Cornwall are considerate, respectful and law-abiding road users – so it’s really troubling that officers were able to detect so many offences in such a short space of time.

“This is just the first operation of many that will be taking place across the region at various times and in different locations, so if you choose to break the law on one of our roads you are very likely to be caught.

“Drink and drug driving are among the ‘Fatal Five’ most common causes of serious and fatal collisions. Driving while impaired doesn’t just endanger the life of the driver, it puts passengers, other vehicle users and members of the public at risk.

“At this time of year the weather can have an adverse effect on road conditions, so it’s vital that both vehicles and drivers are roadworthy before making any journey.

“As these results show, although the focus of this operation is preventing impaired driving, our officers will also be on the lookout for other offences, so please don’t take any unnecessary risks.”

Throughout the festive period, designated drivers can claim free drinks through Devon & Cornwall Police’s Lift Legend scheme. For more information visit: Lift Legend | Devon & Cornwall Police (

Alison Hernandez, Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, is chair of the Vision Zero South West road safety partnership.

Commissioner Hernandez said: “Drink driving is unacceptable – it puts the driver, passengers and innocent members of the public at substantial risk.

“Those found guilty of this crime face losing their license and even going to prison, which could cost you your job and livelihood.

“This doesn’t just apply to people who are on a big night out, those driving the morning after a few drinks could also unexpectedly be over the limit and unfit to drive.

“Please, don’t risk it – take advantage of this offer and get free soft drinks for your designated driver. Let’s make sure everyone gets home safely this Christmas.”

If you suspect someone has been drinking or has taken drugs and is about to drive, please dial 999 and provide the make and model of the vehicle, registration number and direction of travel.