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The road safety partnership working hard to stop ALL fatal and serious collisions in Devon and Cornwall by 2040

Author: gsl

The cyclist hit by a drunk, uninsured, disqualified driver

We know cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users here in Devon and Cornwall – and nothing highlights this more than the story…

Giant sand art highlights tragic deaths

An innovative road safety partnership has created a giant piece of sand art on a beach near the G7 Summit to urge world leaders to…

Study finds drivers in Devon and Cornwall want bigger fines and more enforcement for road safety

More enforcement and bigger fines – that’s what drivers in the South West think will make roads safer, according to a ground-breaking new study. A…

E-scooters: Know the law before you make an expensive mistake

Electric scooters may be all the rage at the moment, but it’s important that anyone thinking of buying one knows the law about riding them….

Delivery routes to be targeted by cameras in South West

Mobile camera vans will be targeting delivery routes in Devon and Cornwall over the festive period after concerns about the quality of some delivery vehicles…